“Niner Five Niner Hotel California”
He’s laughing, and I’ll warn ya,
It’s a sight to behold.

These personages in my life.
Distinct and recognizable.

Steady, even keeled, and interjecting,
“Never trust a man with two first names!”
A group of individuals made into unified unit.

“Do you think there are thunderstorms in China?”
Rolling with laughter now.
Yes. Come visit.

Patois thick and jovial,
Mixing concrete, he quips,
“Kerendy, that’s just me, you know?”
The whole town knows.

“You and me, pal, we’re like this.”
He crosses his fingers, and I mirror his gesture.

Tall and like royalty, the first of the only,
“Normal,” he says.
“Typical day in the life.”
I nutmeg for the score on the far post.

Hiding from white sheets on fans,
That darkness restores what light cannot repair.
Terror followed by hysteria,
Our guts hurt from laughing.
Escaped the Klan meeting tonight.

Scales from the living room piano on Sunday morning
Travel up the stairs,
And her song
Keeps my heart soft.

Letters in large, Sharpie print
Permanently mark her kindness like brail into my being.
Feeling overwhelmed and moved, I weep.

Fall 499 times only to stand tall on the 500th.
Something of the Kingdom in that.
We call him the Living Legend.

Scuffed up knee, he calms me,
“Do you need me to call Walmart?!”
My sobs turn to giggles and I quickly forget the pain.
The lovable weirdo close to my heart.

“Mowing Crew!”
That voice in the hall during algebra.
Still paints a smile on our faces.
Seventh hour now seven years removed.

Smoke circulates his insides
And when he exhales
Generosity graces the air.
His heart is white.

Lucca Ferrari and trains to Bologna.
Sitting on Murano was classy.
Or maybe glassy.

Crotchety gait,
Standing in khakis smelling rosebushes
By three-wheeled dumpsters,
He sports that goofy smile that melts.

Sweet smile and voice like a flower,
She’s the beauty in a new season of life.

“Wow and a half!”
Somehow he beats my enthusiasm.
Gives me a run for my money.

Wit and warmth,
Family fire pit and smokey wisdom in the air.
An heir to a life spent on behalf of others.

Russian swearing
I swear I’m rushing.
Fast paced place.
Not us. Two with the same name and me.

Larger than life.
“Golly Gee Wilikers!”
With Enneagram Sevens, sometimes spilling occurs.

Her Majesty and common folk.
Pleasant and full of fortitude,
Imbued with life and love,
Long live the Queen.

Quiet strength
Beret of dark hair with silver badge of sagacity,
He works with his hands,
And heals with his words.

“And so..”
We smile.
A simple, good-humored man containing painful complexities.
And so, he stops by.
And so, we smile.

Uproarious laughter
Causes everyone else to erupt.
At a moment’s notice,
His jokes about train conductors are the best.

I got lumped into the 144,000,
And misunderstood Scripture.
Laughing in place of crying,
WitWiki champions my weak heart
Through letters.

These personages in my life.
Distinct and recognizable.

To me.


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